Bromine for the disinfection of water in the SPA


What is bromine?

Bromine is an alternative product to the most effective chlorine for the sanitation of pool water, since there is a close chemical analogy between the two substances; the effective active ingredient is hypobromic acid.
It has a very poor solubility and, because of this, it is used in slow-dissolving 20 g tablets, due to the very poor solubility, it is not enough to put the tablets in the skimmer for a dosage of the product in the pool, but it is necessary to use a lapping dispenser.
Bromine, or rather hypobromic acid, has a disinfecting and oxidizing action on pool water and, by reacting with microorganisms and organic substances, is transformed into bromide, a chemically inactive form.

What are the benefits?

Like chlorine, bromine also forms complex substances with nitrogen, bromamines, but in contrast to chloramines it does NOT have a significant irritant effect and an unpleasant odour. This makes it a product that is particularly suitable for use in indoor pools and SPAs .
Bromine is not covered by regulations as a product for use in public pools, therefore it can only be used in private pools and SPAs.
Maximum limit is 0.4 ppm

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