Emotional shower

The emotional shower combines the effects of the water with aromas and colours, associating the intensity of the spray and the temperature to the light effects and diffusion of essences, in such a manner as to create a regenerative, multi-sensory, experience.
Positioned within encircling nooks, sensory showers are so much more effective if associated with the benefits of a sauna or Turkish bath.
The Topical Rain programme consists of a hot spray (water output at 39°C) with large massaging drops, associated with lighting in warm colours and aromas with tropical fruit essences.
Its relaxing effects make it particularly suitable after a sitting in a Finnish or Bio Sauna.
The Cold Fog programme distributes cold water through a nebulizer in order to create the characteristic fog effect; associated with cold colour lighting and aromatised with balsamic essences. Recommended after a Turkish bath for its simultaneous relaxing and invigorating effects.
Many other programs can be implemented with different combinations of temperatures, aromas and colours. Moreover, two or three programs of emotional showers can be combined in series in order to obtain a complete sensory path with alternating temperatures and aromas.

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