Kneipp Path

The Kneipp path tub allows stimulation of the blood circulation of the entire leg due to the alternation of hot and cold water. While cold water tones and invigorates, the hot water leads to general relaxation. This thermal shock stimulates the immune system and blood circulation.
The Kneipp tub creates a single path, composed of 2 well separated paths, each with a length of at least 3 or 4 meters, in which the water height varies between 50 and 90 centimetres. A path will only have hot water with a temperature of 32° and the other only cold water with a temperature around 20°.
Moreover, the phlebological kneipp can be embellished by inserting some hydromassage jets in the hot water area, to gently massage the legs and thus intensify the action of the hydrostatic pressure of the water, either by positioning particular rounded stones on the bottom of the tanks, for a natural foot massage.

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